Keep your Facebook account private

More frequently we are seeing our friends asking on Facebook how to keep their profiles private from the general public. The problem is that Facebook do not by default keep your personal information, and when people sign up, they have no idea that anything that they post will be viewable by Joe Blogg’s and his [...]

Hi, my name is Heather, and this week I am in charge of the Brainstorm blog. I have entered the world of Brainstorm for one week as part of my work experience course with school, and one of my tasks has been to write a blog about some of the things I have learnt during [...]

Brainstorm launches new website!

Yes! We have finally launched our new site! Taking advantage of the latest jQuery code (yes we know thats a weird name…) we have developed what we think is an easy to use showcase of our work and offerings. Plus it is the first time we have implemented the BrainstormCMS (our content management system – [...]

Getting more for your money…

Today I will be going through the financial advantages of reviewing your company advertising/marketing budget, large or small, and to make it clear where online marketing comes into play.

When it comes to advertising in any form of the word, both online and offline, companies have to make sure they are making the most of every single last penny they are spending. Large or small you have to make sure your getting maximum return on investment.

Design vs. Content: Getting the right balance Part 1

Over the coming weeks we will be writing a series of articles looking at the importance of maintaining a good design/content ratio on your new or exisiting website. Web designers often face the challenge of having to tone down a potential clients vision on how the new website will look, in order to achieve the results expected in the search engines. 9 times out of 10, nearly any look or functionality is achievable, but has to done in the right way to avoid increasing load times, using non standard code, or keeping the focus on good web copy. A good example of this is when a client wants to use Flash within their website, as content on a flash website has to be scripted in the right way to be indexable by the search engines, and is normally best avoided if targetting a national audience in your SEO campaign.

A blog a day makes Google pay…

As you can see in the Wales Web Design blog, we are trying to keep up with one blog a day.

Writing a blog every single day may sound like a dificult task, but in reality it’s not and the benefits far exceed the value of the time taken to write and post it.

3rd day in and Google loves us!

After having live for only 3 days, we are already first page for the keyword “Wales Design”. This is an incredible result, as this is a highly competitive search phrase.

Moving forwards we are now aiming at more targetted, easier to obtain phrases that will really help people just like you, find the best on the web(Brainstorm Media if you couldn’t tell!).

New company website coming soon…

Thats right! We are in the middle of revamping our company website into a general site covering all of our services, along with several other targetted sites(this being the first) that define each of our services, and keep you up to date across the board. These will fall into 3 main categories: Web Design Web [...]

10 things you should be asking your web designer

We often wonder why we don’t get asked these web design related questions more often, and feel there would be far less problems online if they were asked as standard!

When investing your hard earned cash into your new website, you should feel 100% secure that you have chosen the right web developement company.

These are a selection of what you should know before you spend your dough!